The following groups of young researchers, jointly termed ‘trainees’, are members of the rtg programme:

Core doctoral researchers

The primary target group of CLINTiRTG are the 36 doctoral candidates recruited in the individual projects in Areas A, B, C, and M. The participation of the doctoral researchers in the training programme is compulsory.

Associated doctoral researchers

A further 20 to 30 doctoral candidates pursuing research related to CLINT will be offered the possibility to also benefit from CLINTiRTG. These associated doctoral researchers
can apply for full membership with the same access and duties in the training program as the core researchers. Alternatively, they can apply only for selected activities of the CLINTiRTG.

Incoming young researchers

To add to the diversity of CLINT, to foster international connections, and to recruit the best candidates world-wide, external young researchers at all levels will be invited to participate
in extended CLINT assessment activities covering up to 3 weeks per event. During these events, the incoming researcher will have the chance for intense discussions with CLINT PIs, postdocs and doctoral
candidates according to a visit plan. In this way, the candidate will learn more about the CLINT research topics and will experience the inspiring CLINT research environment. Based on this experience,
the respective CLINT PIs can make an informed decision on whether to offer an open position in CLINT to the candidate. More importantly, the candidate may accept or decline this offer based on a detailed
insight into the CLINT research challenges and into the working conditions at FAU and CLINT partner institutions.

Masters and Bachelor students

Undergraduate students (M.Sc., B.Sc.) will be given the possibility to take part in the activities of CLINTiRTG. They will be given a training plan in which particular emphasis will be on extending their academic skills through involvement in research projects, introductory lectures and hands-on workshops. If appropriate, they will be contracted as student assistants.

Postdoctoral researchers

All activities in CLINTiRTG will be open to postdoctoral researchers. A tailored training programme will be provided to postdocs up to 3 years after the doctorate, while more senior researchers will be encouraged to take part in programmes targeting competences at the executive level.