Completion criteria

Typically, the successful realisation of the supervision agreement is considered as fulfilment of all requirements. For the doctoral candidates, the specific requirements are summarised below:

General Requirements

  • Authorship of at least two publications (at least one as first author) related to the CLINT research in an ISI Web of knowledge-indexed journal

Scientific Skills

  • Training in data management
  • Active participation in the introductory lecture series
  • Preparation of one hands-on session or equivalent
  • Authoring one additional publication or participation in one of the methods days

Leadership and Organisation Skills

  • Training in good scientific practice
  • Participation in one of the activities listed under the leadership skills in the curriculum
  • Involvement in organisation of at least one event of the CLINT programme

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Participation in one of the activities listed under entrepreneurial skills in the curriculum

Communication and Social Skills

  • Equal opportunity training
  • Participation in one activity listed under social and communication skills in the curriculum
  • Contribution to the buddying system of CLINT

Networking Program

  • Active participation in the internal networking and CLINT events
  • Participation in at least two research conferences outside Erlangen
  • Involvement in one additional activity of the external networking programme

Cases of hardship

In the seldom cases of unforeseen difficulties and family issues, doctoral candidates may apply for a waiver of some requirements. The application should be prepared with the support of the mentors, the decision is taken by the CLINTiRTG Management. Upon completion of the requirements, a certificate will be issued.