Work and Family

As a part of CLINT there are various services, measures and strategies provided by the CRC or the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg as a whole to provide family friendly working conditions.

This Page provides an overview of these measures as well as references to services and institutions to contact for support.

CLINT strategies and measures

  • Family friendly working environment:
    CLINT offers flexible and family-friendly working hours as well as the possibility of home office
  • Family-friendly hiring strategies:
    We intend to mediate dual career contracts and provide temporary housing
  • Support for pregnant women:
    Financial aid, counselling, reduced working hours are provided via the CRC
  • Child care and home care:
    These services will be offered to incommers, in cases of emergency and both during conferences and holidays

FAU Strategies and measures

  • Dual Career service
  • Home office and part-time positions
  • Parent-baby office equipment
  • Day care contingents
  • Emergency care and holiday day care program
  • Kids Boxes

Services and Institutions

FAU Family service

Logo of FAU family service

Logo of FAU family service

The Family Service coordinates and links diverse offerings for students, employees and their family members of FAU and Universitätsklinikum.

FAU Family Service offers support in all questions related to work-family balance.

Familie in der Hochschule

Logo of Familie in der Hochschule

Logo of initiative “Familie in der Hochschule”

The initiative “Familie in der Hochschule” has been founded based on long practical experience from the network of equal name. Its aim is to anchor base support for the compatibility of family and studies, work and sciences at German universities.

Dual Career Network Northern Bavaria

Logo of Dual career network Northern Bavaria

Logo of “Dual career network Northern Bavaria”

The DCNN is an association of 17 academic institutions in northern Bavaria. The objective of the network members is to win and retain top academic professionals who are thinking about relocating to northern Bavaria with their partner.

The network supports these dual career couples and helps both partners to find a suitable placement and continue their careers. We can help you with: